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First let's look at the price of the EWWA
If you are one of those who does your own research before buying anything, you'll already have found out that a Virtual Server
with 500MB for $
699/year is non-existent! No matter how few the features are!!! And no matter how hard you look! 

Your next question is how do we do it? 
Answer: We keep our prices low by having our clients pay for the entire year of service instead of monthly collections. This allows us to pay for all our hardware, software,  broadband providers and connections in advance! We also keep our prices low by selling thousands of accounts.
In other words, we are like a wholesaler, we sell in bulk at the lowest price possible. We also accept monthly payments, but they are at a higher rate.
(Note: 90% of our clients pay on an annual basis to save their cost. If you opt to pay on a monthly basis, the charge is $65/month) 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee? 
ABSOLUTELY! You may cancel your account at any time for a pro-rated refund for the months that you have not used.  

IS $699 too much to pay upfront? 
No, let me tell you why. We found our closest competitor who offers a 100MB for $90/month and $50 setup! If you look at this figure, you'll see that $699 will only pay for 5 1/2 months of service and after that you'll still have to pay every month for the rest of your account life!!! With our yearly payment plan, you pay once a small fee of $699 plus a one time setup fee of $95.00 and NOT have to worry about ANY more hidden expenses for the rest of 12 long months!!! Note: You can pay monthly if you wish at $95/month. 

Now, let's look at why our Enhanced Web World Account  is EXACTLY like a dedicated server! 
The EWWA is almost EXACTLY like a dedicated server. Let's look at the features: 

Unlimited Domains 
You can host as many domains as you like on this account. Each domain will be on it's own dir, and can have it's own cgi-bin, ftp, ssh, email, etc. So, in essense, you can divide up your EWWA into dozens of Virtual Servers. (Each domain carries a *one-time* DNS fee of $65 plus InterNIC) 
500 MB of Disk Space
Wow! With this much space, you can do almost anything with your account! Never pay a cent more as you upgrade! Do you know of any other Virtual Servers that offers this much space?? 

Unlimited transfers included 
That's right! No extra charges for transfers... Many Hosting companies charges or bills you extra every month for extra transfers. This can cost you hundreds if your site gets plenty of hits. (Note: For those of you who doesn't know what transfers are, here's the gist of it - Whenever someone access your website, your server will transfer your site's data to the browser so that it can display your site's information. Transfers can also occur through ftp,
ssh, browser or http, etc.) 

Unlimited e-mail forwarding 
Email forwarding
  is a must if you are in business. For instance if you have two business under your EWWA and each have it's own domain, and say we call business one and business two, Now, you would like to set up email addresses for both of these businesses so that your customers can direct their emails to a specific email address. But you don't want to check so many different email box for your emails. This is what you can do, 
for example: 
Set up these email addresses for your 2 businesses: 

and have all these forwarded to your local isp's email address. This way, you need only check ONE email box! You can also have different emails forwarded to different employees at your company. 

Unlimited POP e-mail accounts 
Pop email accounts are exactly like the email account that you get with your local dial up isp. This account stores your email in the server until you retrieve it with your usual email software such as Netscape Mail and Eudora. This is good because now, you can set up a different email account for each of your employees at your company thus saving thousands of dollars. 

Unlimited auto-responders  
Have you ever send an email to and instantly gets a reply with complete details of what you need to know? is what we call an auto-responder... it automatically responds to an incoming email with a message that you pre-wrote. With the EWWA, you can set up as many Autoresponders as you like. 

Full CGI scripting and UNIX shells  
Yes, you have your very own cgi bin where you can write perl programs, c, etc. Now, your web account will not only display webpages, but it is dynamic and you can write any programs you like without our intervention. 

Unlimited individual FTP user accounts  
FTP, means File Transfer Protocol. This is a method for you to transfer your files from your pc to your EWWA account! You can also set up an unlimited number of FTP accounts! 

Complete remote control of Virtual Server 
Many Hosting companies claims that they offer complete remote control, but you'll find out as you expand that it's not even close to what 'complete' means! The EWWA is a truly complete remote controllable server, ie, you can even switch to root! We'll talk more about root below! 

Connected to a dedicated DS3 (27 T1's)  
All our servers are connected to a dedicated DS3 line! To most of you, this makes no sense to you... well, DS3 means the server can spit out infomation really, really quickly so your customers will find your website fast! 

Can subdivide as much as desired  
This is 100% true sub-division! You can set up as many domains as you like, each having it's own virtual server environment! This is a great feature if you are thinking of setting up individual accounts for your clients or employees! Or, even different businesses that you may run! 

Secure directory 
A secure dir allows you to set up forms to collect credit card information securely. Now, with your own secure dir, you can do business on the net easily. And the best part of it is this is FREE! 

CGI directory 
CGI stands for Common Gateway Interface. Each EWWA comes with it's own CGI bin or dir where you can have all your programs run. You can also set up different cgi-bins for each sub-account you create on your EWWA 

Password Protected Dir 
Yes, we do have password protected dirs. This allows you to set up directories where password is needed for your users to access. This way, you can set up download locations to only your clients! 
Free counter for your website 

Free guestbook for your website. 

Daily statistic reports (for every domain) 
Each EWWA also comes with it's own stats page. You can now study and find out where traffic is coming from and how much traffic you get for each domain that you have with your account! 

Database (MSQL and MYSQL) 
With this account, you can even set up a relational database such as msql or mysql. This is an extremely important feature! 

Plus tons of other cool features such as below: 

  • User controls configuration
  • Web-based utility for easy Web page creation
  • Web-based utility for easy uploading of pages
  • Microsoft Front Page Extension Support
  • Free Technical Support
  • Chat scripts and much more

and last but not least, the MOST IMPORTANT FEATURE! 

Now, after seeing all the features of this account, you'll agree that it's exactly like having your own dedicated server minus the GIGs of space that you have with a dedicated server!  

Hardware and Softwares 
Our servers
are running Apache/1.3.6 (Unix) mod_fastcgi/2.2.2 PHP/4.1.2 mod_perl/1.21 mod_ssl/2.2.8 OpenSSL/0.9.2b on Linux.

Our support is by phone and email. (We resolve 99% of all issues the
same day. 

You can email us at sales@ 
It usually takes less than 1 working day to set up the 
500MB Account  upon payment.

You must have read and agree to our terms and conditions before ordering.
*$75.00/monthly Save over $200.00 By
Paying $699.00 for the full Year.
Questions? call 800-487-4401

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This allows us to pay for all our hardware, software, broadband providers and connections in advance! We also keep our prices low by selling thousands of accounts.

This allows us to pay for all our hardware, software, and connections in advance! We also keep our prices low by selling thousands of accounts