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500MB Account

How would you like to have your very own Enhanced Web World Account - The World's Best Virtual Server? With this account, you'll have practically complete control over your account (with your very own domain name) including being your own, postmaster, webmaster, and anything you want. you'll be able to create your own users, you'll have unlimited pop email addresses, you'll have unlimited email aliases, you'll have unlimited auto-responders, you'll be able to create your own mailing lists, you'll have your own cgi-bin to write your own scripts, you'll even be able to host unlimited domains within your account! only $75.00 per year per domain. 

  Plus, you'll have 500MB of space for you to use however you wish, and with unlimited bandwidth. In a nutshell, you'll become your own ISP... 

This is indeed a dream come true for Internet Entrepreneurs! Most successful businesses on the Internet have their own Enhanced Web World Account. Don't lose out, get one yourself, too.     
2. Unlimited domain virtual hosting within your account
Whether you are reselling your space, or setting up several businesses, you will find that having the ability to host more than one domain in your account is a definite advantage. (Note: There is a yearly charge of $75 per year for each additional domain.
3. Complete freedom
With all the administrative power that goes with this account, you can now design a mall, set up your very own mailing lists, run classifieds, etc. Most other ISPs will demand to check all your CGI programs before they allow you to run them, but we trust our customers enough to allow you complete freedom.
We believe that this is the essence of success!
4. Unlimited is absolute power!
With unlimited e-mail, companies can now give all their employees an e-mail account without incurring extra costs. 
With unlimited transfers, you do not need to worry about a huge unforeseeable monthly bill that could cripple your operation! With the Enhanced Web World Account, unlimited is our motto! Did we say, un-lim-it-ed?
5. Speed means money!  
All our servers are connected directly to one of the world's largest backbone providers,  via 100Mbps connection. With our policy of only hosting 100 sites on a server, you can rest assured that speed will never be a problem. Other ISPs throw in thousands of accounts per server on a T1 connection! 
6. Your own IP address  
Imagine! Your very own IP address
for only $50 per year per IP. Some web-hosting companies force you to share an IP address, which can cause your business all kinds of problems. 

It's great, and it's true! $699/year for a 100% business ready account is the cheapest thing you can get on this planet. In fact, if you look at the specs of this account, it's a bargain -- a steal! -- even if you're not using it for business! Many medium scale, and even some larger corporations use an Enhanced Web World Account. What you can do with it is just amazing. 

Never get anything less or you'll quickly find there are hidden costs which would amount to thousands of dollars as you expand. In fact, don't take our word for it, shop around and see what you can get out there that is even close to this account, regardless of price! 
Here's what you get: 
Your own domain name (e.g.  

  • 500MB of web space 
  • Unlimited transfers included 
  • Unlimited e-mail forwarding 
  • Unlimited POP e-mail accounts 
  • Unlimited auto-responders 
  • Full FTP, and Web (HTTP) Access 
  • Full CGI scripting  
  • Unlimited individual FTP user accounts 
  • Complete remote control of Virtual Server 
  • Connected to a dedicated 100Mbps  
  • Secure directory SSL 
  • Counters
  • Guestbook
  • Daily statistic reports (for every domain)
  • User controls configuration
  • Web-based utility for easy Web page creation
  • Microsoft Front Page Extension Support
  • Free Technical Support
  • Chat scripts and much more
  • Members Online Help Center 
Pricing: US$699.00/year 
One-time setup fee: $95.00
Additional diskspace at: US$0.50/month per MB

*paid yearly  If you are still not convinced, click here to read EVEN MORE about our Virtual Business Account! Find out why it's exactly like a DEDICATED SERVER! 

It usually takes less than 2 working days to set up the 
this 500MB account, upon payment
You must have read and agree to our terms and conditions before ordering.  


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